Add Some Shine To Your Ride With Chrome!

Everyone knows that the US went through a Baby Boom like no other in its history. It coincided with a roaring economy and spurred a desire to live life to its fullest after years of worry and fear.


A robust car industry got to ride the strong economy. Manufacturers added manufacturing as fast they could to meet this new demand from post-war consumers and a growing middle class. As the number of new drivers grew, competition for their business picked up. Style and technology joined together to satiate this hunger for new designs - a clear sign of changing tastes and the new found desire for status.

The 50s consumer couldn't get enough of chrome on their cars. Whether it was grille work that sparkled from here to tomorrow, chrome center caps for rims, or bold chrome-tipped tail fins, there appeared to be no end for this bright gleaming metal. The more, the better.

To this day car fanatics are drawn to this reflective metal like moths to a flame. And why shouldn't they be? Chrome plating is resistant to corrosion, can be tinted and just has an innate visual appeal - sorta like diamonds, sparkles and blinking lights… just more manly.

Using electroplating almost every car part can be coated with chrome. Designer rims and center caps for rims are another way to improve the style or your ride.

Chrome plating comes in different thickness levels, so look at the specifications to get an idea of what wear resistance one can reasonably expect. If it's not listed, ask the dealer. Even better is to contact the manufacturer. You should always research before you separate with your hard earned cash. "Rim remorse" is an easily avoided experience - particularly if it cost you your paycheck.

Enlist the assistance of the web, you can look up parts by Hollander number or the parts number (SKU) issued by the manufacturer. Another option is to enlist a locator service to find the aftermarket center caps, chrome lug nuts, chrome grill or any other chrome partaccessory that can take your car from stock to stoked!

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